Welcome To The D UK release date – 4th of August

We are delighted to announce that the sounds of Detroit powerhouse Slight Return have hit the UK this week with their single, Welcome To The D – the signature song from their album of the same name. All hailing from Detroit, the band gel together in a way that only seasoned musicians who love their own groove can. Frontman Mark Kassa, whose greatest influence is Hendrix, heads up the band with powerful lead vocals, and rock, funk, and blues-influenced guitar, captivating his audience with a seemingly effortless and arguably equal command of rhythm and lead. The rest of the lineup, all veterans of the Detroit music scene, consists of drummer Ronnie Karmo, Tony Mitchell on percussion and vocals, and Mike Schneider on bass and background vocals.

The band’s name, ‘Slight Return’, is of course a reference to Jimi Hendrix and although the single is one hundred percent their own, you’ll be able to hear Hendrix in their style, also with borrowed touches from Rage Against The Machine, Chili Peppers, and Funkadelic to name a few. Two of the album tracks feature George Clinton (Parliament and Funkadelic), and another two feature Andy Vargas (Santana). They have opened for Rare Earth and on more than one occasion for both Grand Funk Railroad and Robin Trower.

The song Welcome To The D was born out of frontman Mark Kassa’s passion for his hometown, and in reaction to those who have been down on Detroit because of worn-out stereotypes of the city. Since the eighties, he has chosen instead to focus on and promote the overwhelming good that’s come from there, especially its eminent contribution to the world music scene. Mark’s avid promotion went so far as to earn him the name ‘Dr. Detroit’ during his time at Musician’s Institute (Hollywood) in the 90’s because of the wardrobe of Detroit-emblazoned clothing he paraded around the place.

Slight Return’s sound is fresh and at the same time classic – and Welcome To The D is no exception, ushering in a new sound that has been termed by fans as Anthem Funk. The UK has not heard anything quite like this since the days of Hendrix and for those of you who have never lost your love for music from that era, you will not be disappointed.

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