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Latest Release: Psalm by Rich Gawler
As well as being a publishing house, Big Culture Music is also a record label facility based in the UK. If you are an artist that would like your music considered for release then we will be happy to review it for you. This may be of particular interest to you if you are in the South of the UK, as we also have recording capabilities with one of the best production companies in the area where we can cut your track/s. So, even if you only have demos right now, we can record, mix, master your tracks, and have them radio ready, in a very short space of time. Once we have your masters, we can release your track/s via our label where they will also be available for the public to buy via iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer and many more music platforms. The key to any song’s success is how well it was originally crafted. In light of this, one thing that sets us apart from other companies is that we have on our team a multi-hit songwriter who works with a song before it gets anywhere near the studio to make sure that it is solid in its own right. If you would like to us to consider your music for release, please do get in contact as we’d love to hear what you’ve got to offer.
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