Big Culture Music

We specialise in hopeful and inspirational pop songs, written from the heart. Our main focus is to provide music supervisors and other decision-makers in sync with high-quality tracks delivering carefully crafted lyrics. We aim to make the sync process as quick and easy as possible, so all our music is one-stop, cleared and ready to go!

Our Founder

Adrian Hayward founded Big Culture Music in 2016 to provide an inclusive home for songwriters and artists to be fairly remunerated for their craft. After working with various writers, bands and artists, he realised that in order to truly champion the works of others, he needed to focus on his own craft and create a stable base before inviting others back in.

Currently, his focus is Hayward Collab – a songwriter partnership between Adrian and his brother Al – which is kicking off Big Culture Music’s new catalogue. He’s excited for when he can welcome like-minded writers and artists to the Big Culture family again to realise his original vision.

~ Please note, we are currently not reviewing outside submissions!

Hayward Collab is a songwriter partnership between brothers - Adrian and Al – with the aim of writing well-crafted songs for use in television, film, advertising and more. Spanning multiple genres, their songs are full of hope and messages of inspiration. Once it's time to lay the song down, they don't stop until they've found the best producer for the job, and work closely with them, along with exceptional studio musicians and vocalists, to bring their songs alive.

Hayward Collab